Action plan

Below you will find our Action plan for divorce mediation. Your divorce can be settled in four steps. We believe that clarity is of the utmost importance, divorcing is complicated enough. Our action plan serves as a guideline in the divorce process.

Step 1 – intake
Both partners fill out the intake form and send it to the mediator before the first session. In this session, which lasts approximately 1.5 hours, the mediator will discuss this form with both partners. By the end of the session it will be clear which subjects are going to be discussed during the mediation process and in which order.

Step 2 – gathering information
Within two working days after the first session you will receive the first list of actions and decisions. On this list you will find the subjects to be discussed. We kindly ask you to gather all information necessary for successful mediation. To help you with this you will receive a practical guide from us.
If applicable you will also receive a model parenting plan.

Step 3 – mediation sessions
At the start of the first session a mediation agreement will be signed; the agreement we use has been approved by the vFAS. A session lasts for 1.5 up to 2 hours. After each session you will receive a new list of actions and decisions. As soon as the agreements on the specific subjects are defined in greater detail we will draft a concept divorce agreement which will be sent to you before the next session. This helps you to prepare at home for the next session.

Step 4 – conclusion
When all the subjects have been discussed and agreed upon, the parenting plan and/or divorce agreement can be signed. The court will subsequently ratify the divorce agreement. If you and your partner are married or registered partners, the marriage or registered partnership will dissolve at that time. The divorce only becomes final when it has been registered at the civil registry office.