Evaluation form mediation

    1. What was the main reason for you to decide on mediation?

    2. Were you given adequate information beforehand about mediation as a method of settling conflicts?

    3. How high was your expectation, before the start of the mediation, that your problem would be solved with the help of mediation?

    4. In hindsight, how satisfied are you with the final result? (Mark 1-10)

    5. What did you think of the total length of the mediation process?

    6. What is your opinion about the professionalism of the mediator? (Mark 1-10)

    Balance between involvement and keeping a certain distance:

    7. Given a similar situation, would you consider going through mediation again?

    8. I would recommend Divorce Company to others, because...

    9. Do you have any further remarks/suggestions?