Practical links

Divorce Company has put together some practical links on divorce on this page.
You will find information on parental authority, divorce and children, maintenance, divorce and pension and benefits for single parents.

Apply for joint custody

Married couples with children who are getting a divorce will automatically have joint custody. Couples living together have to apply for joint custody. Please go to Application for joint custody.

Custody after death

You can formally record your wishes about parental authority after your death in the custody register of the district court. Please read Record of parental authority after death and download the form.

Children and divorce

Villapinedo is the website for children of divorced parents! Parents can also find helpful information on this website! Villapinedo offers online courses for parents preparing them for single parenthood.

Information for various age groups

On the website of the Raad voor rechtsbijstand (Legal Aid Board) you can find practical information for divorcing parents. The information focuses on different age groups of children. Suggestions for books on divorce for both parents and children can also be found on this website.

Information from the Government about divorce and maintenance

The website of the Rijksoverheid (Government) answers a lot of questions about divorce.
There is also a separate page with information about maintenance where you can also download the information sheet on maintenance.


You might be entitled to the following benefits after your divorce:

  • healthcare benefit
  • housing allowance
  • child-related budget
  • childcare allowance

The amount of your income determines whether you are entitled to any of these benefits. You can find more information on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration.


Nibud provides financial information that might be of use when getting a divorce.

Divorce and pension equalisation

If you are getting a divorce you might have to make arrangements on pension equalisation. On the Rijksoverheid (Government) website you can find information about pension equalisation; you can also download the form to apply for pension equalisation.

Mediation​ during a court case

The website Rechtspraak will answer all your questions on mediation during proceedings