During the entire process you were the only person who gave me the feeling that I was not alone. I really appreciate that. Thank you again for the close cooperation!
– Woman, mid 40’s, divorce mediation, August 2015

We decided on mediation because we both wanted to get a decent settlement for ourselves but even more so for our children. In our own family circle and our group of friends we had experienced nasty divorce fights over money and revenge with the sole purpose of hurting the other person as much as possible. We had a few intense and emotional sessions which were quite hard at times. A couple of times I even gave up hope that we would find a solution this way. The great advantage of these sessions is that both parties can immediately respond to each other instead of through correspondence between two lawyers. I have to say that I found the whole process rather costly but then again it would have been even more expensive if both of us had hired our own lawyer.
Good and objective assistance helped us to reach ever better decisions. During the sessions the legal boundaries were clearly pointed out and we were also told what we could decide for ourselves. Our divorce became final recently; it was very unfortunate that our marriage had to end like this. I would like to thank you for your professional help. I am very happy about how everything has worked out.”
− Man, 68 years old, Central Netherlands, adult children, June 2015

We had been fighting in court for over a year when the judge suggested giving mediation a try, especially as there were children involved. Both parties would benefit from something the judge could not decide on. In a couple of sessions and with your help we were able to work out a good arrangement for the children. I look at the future with more confidence now. Thanks!”  (mediation finished in April 2015).
−Man, 45 years old, Central Netherlands, children aged 10 and 13

Right from the beginning we knew that we wanted to opt for a mediator with a thorough legal background. A good friend pointed us in the direction of Divorce Company. Getting a divorce is hard. Fortunately we had a good mediator throughout the process and we can now get on with our lives. I had the feeling that we were both valued for who we are. When necessary our responsibilities were pointed out to us. Looking back I am very happy with the mediation process.” (mediation: December  2014 – March 2015).
− Woman, 33 years old, Soest area, no children