Child maintenance calculation

Would you like to calculate your child maintenance? In order to do the calculation you need to know your monthly net income including amounts you receive only once a year, such as holiday pay and the end-of-year bonus. The calculation model below will give you an indication of what to expect.

Child maintenance calculation for an income starting at € 1.720 a month
net income per month:
child maintenance:

The calculation applies to a net disposable income starting at € 1.720 per month If your income is less than this amount you can use the table below.

Child maintenance calculation table for an income of less than € 1.720 per month

Net income Child maintenance per month
1470 – 1520 59
1520 – 1570 85
1570 – 1620 103
1620 – 1670 115
1670 – 1720 122

With a net income of less than € 1.470 per month the child maintenance for one child amounts to € 25 per month and for more than one child a total of € 50 per month.

Note: the above calculation is just an indication of the expected child maintenance. Personal circumstances are also taken into account as is the financial capacity of the other parent. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Needs of the child

The net disposable family income before the divorce determines the need of a child. The basic principle is as follows: a child needs the same amount after the divorce as he needed before the divorce. This amount is the maximum: the contribution, the maintenance, cannot exceed this amount determined as the need of the child. The combination of the child’s need and the financial capacity of the parents determine the amount you will have to contribute as a parent to the maintenance of your child.

Financial capacity of the parents

The income at the time of divorce is the guideline for determining the financial capacity of both parents. This amount can be calculated using the calculation tool “Calculate child maintenance” on this page. This will give you an idea about the financial capacity of each parent.

The contribution of each parent is calculated based on their respective incomes. This is a ‘pro rata’ contribution which means that: a parent’s contribution is proportionate to the financial capacity of that parent.

It is not that easy to calculate child maintenance

Quite often it is not that easy to calculate the contribution yourself. A lawyer-mediator from Divorce Company can help you with this and give advice. We check, for example, to see if there are any special circumstances that would justify a deviation from the calculation model.
You can contact us for more information.