Our role

Throughout the whole divorce process we offer assistance to you and your partner in the form of mediation and advice. We will be able to help you with:

  • information about the legal possibilities of divorce mediation;
  • assistance throughout the mediation process

We are experienced family law lawyers-mediators and will therefore also take care of the last step: ratification of the procedure before the district court. All of that is fairly clear and we do our work efficiently. However, we are also aware of the emotional component. We appreciate the emotional aspects of the divorce process.

Process of divorce mediation

Divorce mediation starts with an initial meeting, which is free of charge, often immediately followed by an intake session. Subsequently we follow an action plan consisting of four steps. The arrangements you agree upon during the mediation process will be incorporated in the divorce agreement and the parenting plan. The court then ratifies these agreements and at the same time pronounces the official divorce of married parties.

Action plan for divorce mediation

Divorce Company uses a clearly laid out action plan which serves as a guideline for the mediation process. Click here to view our action plan for divorce mediation.

Set prices

We work with set prices. When you choose to work with Divorce Company there won’t be any surprises at the end. A summary of the costs of divorce mediation is available on our website.

Maintenance: online calculation

Would you like to calculate your financial capacity?
On our website you will find a handy calculation tool, the online-maintenance calculator. This tool will help you calculate your financial capacity and, based on that, the amount you are able to contribute to the maintenance of your child after the divorce.

The financial capacity of each parent plays an important role in determining the contribution of the parents to the maintenance of their children. The actual contribution that you have to pay depends not only on your income but on that of the other parent too. Apart from that, the needs of the child are also an important factor.
In the mediation sessions we will provide more information about your contribution and child maintenance.

Trusted Partners

We work with professionals in other disciplines. If necessary we will, for example, refer you to an accountant, a tax adviser or a child psychologist.