What are the costs?

Divorce Company works with set prices. This helps you to calculate, in advance, the approximate cost of your divorce.

Divorce mediation costs:

Initial talk about divorce mediation lasting half an hourfree of charge
Mediation session including a report€ 200
Child maintenance calculation€ 75
Spousal maintenance calculation€ 100
Drawing up an agreement€ 375
Drawing up a parenting plan€ 45
Divorce petition for the court procedure and corresponding settlement€ 100

The costs are per person and per calculation (VAT 21% not included).

Extra costs include a court fee for the court procedure (€ 152 per person, 2020 rate) and the fees for extracts (± € 20 per person).

Second opinion mediation

Would you like a second opinion from a lawyer regarding a draft divorce agreement drawn up by a mediator? You can contact us about this too.
We will study and discuss the draft with you. The cost of this service is € 400 excluding VAT.

Coaching during mediation

While you are in the process of divorce mediation about the consequences of your divorce or some of them, we also offer separate coaching. The cost of this is € 196 per hour excluding VAT.

I might be getting divorced: what can I expect?

Are you interested in an exploratory meeting about the consequences of divorce? You can opt for a meeting with one of us. It will help you to get an idea about the possibilities and of the issues that are likely to come up. The cost of an initial meeting and consecutive meetings will amount to € 250 excluding VAT.