Mediation test

Is mediation the best option for you to settle your divorce?
Take the mediation test.

Complete the test and find out whether mediation would be suitable for you. Tick the applicable boxes, up to a maximum of five.


It is clear to you that mediation is the preferred method for arriving at good agreements. You can come to us for an intake interview in the short term together with your partner.

For you, mediation is preferable to conducting a procedure. You also have some reservations or doubts. In the intake interview we will also discuss your hesitations; after that you can decide whether mediation is the best option.

You have a number of considerations on the basis of which you wonder whether mediation is the right route. On the other hand, there are also benefits for mediation for you. In order to make a good decision, we advise you to request an intake interview. You can discuss the pros and cons with us and then make your choice.

With you, there are also doubts about the feasibility of mediation compared to the advantages that you see in mediation. We invite you to address those doubts in the intake interview. If you are well informed about the possibilities of mediation, you can come to a decision on whether mediation is the right way to reach agreements.

You have serious doubts about whether mediation in your situation is the best way to arrive at good agreements. You may need more information about mediation or how you can be supported during the mediation process.

As a mediator and as a lawyer, we specialize in family law. This means that we inform both parties about the legal possibilities and impossibilities. You can make your own decisions based on good information. We will inform you extensively about our method during the intake interview.

Mediation does not seem to be the right way for you to come to an arrangement with your partner. It is better to find your own lawyer who can try to create the arrangement you want for you.

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