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Would you like more specific information about getting divorced? We have gathered some information on the following subjects. You will find information below about:

  • Child maintenance
  • Parenting plan
  • Indexation of maintenance, adjustments every year
  • Action plan for divorce mediation
  • Various links to specific information about divorce

Child maintenance

Based on your income, how much will you be able to contribute to the maintenance of your children? Calculate your financial capacity with our online-maintenance calculation tool.

Parenting plan

The parenting plan is a framework of arrangements between parents on how they will raise their children after the divorce. All parents getting divorced or separating are obliged to draw up a parenting plan, irrespective of whether they were married, registered partners or living together.  There are hardly any restrictions on drawing up a parenting plan.
However, we do advise you to read what should be included in a parenting plan.

Indexation of maintenance

The amount of maintenance paid is subject to annual statutory indexation. You can use our indexation maintenance calculation tool to calculate this. The tool not only displays indexation as per 1 January of this year but also those of previous years. You can apply for statutory indexation with retroactive effect but this is limited to five years.

Action plan for divorce mediation

Divorce Company works with an easy to use action plan for divorce mediation. A plan that clearly distinguishes between the various steps and functions as guideline during the mediation process.

Information about divorce

Information about children and divorce, parental authority, maintenance, benefits and pension equalisation: we have collected a number of useful links about these subjects on this page.