A feasible arrangement for the children

‘Let’s give our children roots to grow, and wings to fly’

Children and divorce

Children are probably the biggest concern in the whole divorce procedure. That’s why the lawyer-mediator of Divorce Company takes plenty of time to consider what’s best for the children. A good parenting plan is highly important for both parents and children. This plan should contain agreements on:

  • daily care and education
  • maintenance
  • communication after the divorce

These agreements should reflect the wishes and needs of all parties (i.e. you, your ex and the children) so that there won’t be any misunderstandings. This will help your children to adjust to the new situation in the easiest possible way. If you click our page links on divorce you will find more information about children and divorce.

Calculate your ability to pay child maintenance

With our calculation tool you can calculate the amount you are able to pay towards child maintenance.

Children and divorce: mediation promotes a permanent basis for the upbringing of the children after the divorce