Financial certainty and security

‘When nothing is sure, everything is possible…’

Financial certainty after the divorce

Lack of clarity about finances, an uncertain future that scares you: divorce can really disrupt your life. The lawyer-mediator from Divorce Company will identify all that’s important. This will help to remove those uncertainties; and it will bring you more financial clarity and certainty. We will assess the financial implications of your divorce and your financial needs for the future. This will give you an idea of where you stand now and in the years to come.

Financial clarity is needed regarding:

  • maintenance
  • settlement of assets and liabilities
  • apportionment of pension rights

Focus on a life after the divorce

Who is going to move out? Will one of you stay in the house?
How can we work things out for the best?
All of these and other important questions will be addressed and we will examine all possible solutions. Subsequently we will decide on the best feasible option for both parties. Together we will come to a settlement that brings peace of mind for both parties. A settlement that enables both parties to make a new start in life after the divorce.

Action plan: the mediation process in four straightforward steps

The action plan for divorce mediation by Divorce Company provides clarity and a guideline during the separation process.

After mediation with the help of Divorce Company you can move on